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The List: Published Today in Bergensavisen


        Compiled and updated each year by UNITED for Intercultural Action, an anti-discrimination network, The List traces information relating to the deaths of 36,570 people who have lost their lives within or on the borders of Europe since 1993 due to state policies (documented as of 1 April 2019).

        In collaboration with Bergen Assembly 2019, the Norwegian daily metropolitan newspaper Bergensavisen disseminates The List as an insert and online today, 7 June 2019. Copies of the newspaper with a 48-page supplement will also be available from 8 June 2019 from Belgin, Rasmus Meyers allé 5, 5015 Bergen.

        The List has been updated for local cases and translated into Norwegian by a group of five scholars and activists: Kari Hagatun, Mari Norbakk, Ørjan Skaga, Cathrine Talleraas and Sunniva Vik and copyedited by An-Magritt Hanssen, Kari Hagatun and Sunniva Vik. This collective process aims for a discursive, transformative translation process through which there could emerge a place and time to problematise and reflect on the politics of mourning and listing.

        The distribution of The List in Bergensavisen newspaper was facilitated by Bergen Assembly 2019 core group member Banu Cennetoğlu. Since 2007, in collaboration with art workers and institutions, Cennetoğlu has facilitated updated versions of The List using public spaces such as billboards, transport networks, and newspapers.