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Comrades inc. presents: COOKING WITH COMRADES: BIRRIA TACO!!

Date: 04.06.2023
Time: 18:00 - 22:00
Host: Comrades Inc. & Reclaimpridebergen

Sunday June 4th Comrades Inc. is making Tacos, with birria and without hihi, you are allowed to eat regular Norwegian tacos as well hehe!
If you don't feel like tacos you are more than welcome to bring other food/snacks.
If you want to help cook, contribute with other things, have allergies you think we should know about or other things we can take into account so that cooking with comrades can be as safe and comfortable as possible for you please fill out the form:

The form has been updated, so if you have filled it in before, feel free to fill it in again hihi.
This event is alcohol-free and open to everyone!
Doors open at 18:00 -
Food is donation based; Pay what you want, if you want to
Vipps nr er: 753347
All income Comrades receives goes directly to the fund and the next cooking with comrades.

*The room is universally designed, four legged friends are welcome and venue has gender-neutral toilets*All our events are safe meeting places, there is zero tolerance when it comes to racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia and all the "isms" and "phobias" that do not contribute to safe and nice meeting places. no terfs and no swerfs.
Other than that, come as you are
We look forward to seeing you!This event is a part of Reclaim Pride Bergen

Who? Why?

Cooking with comrades:
We want to explore the intersection between food and political activism. We meet once a month to share recipes, discuss current events, write letters, watch movies or just relax and share a meal together!

Comrades: We are a mutual aid fund and activist collective that organizes club evenings, workshops and fundraisers to help queer and trans comrades afford gender-affirming treatments and other essential help around the country. Comrades inc are intersectional feminists, anti-transphobic, anti-capitalist, anti-fascist and work to create safe spaces, meeting places and learning tools for QTBIPOCS, comrades and others who share our opinions and desires for a free and safe future for all!

Halfdan Kjerulfs gate 4
5017 Bergen

If you or your group are interested in using our office, contact us at: